Authentic Power, Presence & Integrity, with Ananatadev

Authentic Power, Presence & Integrity


“Authentic power is based on something more intrinsic, something deeper than the external labels we may acquire… it comes from your values, it comes from really touching into who you are truly… living from that place and living with those values. It takes a lot of energy to be inauthentic. It takes far less energy to just be yourself.” – Anantadev 

Highlights from this episode

Presence is the only engine that can drive us [4:20]

What does it take to be authentic [5:40]

How do we give away power [6:40]Victimhood vs loss of power [9:40]How can we build power [10:50] Everyone is a leader [13:10] How to recover from failure [15:40] Why do we fear being alone [18:30] How to build mental strengths [23:10] What is integrity [26:10] What is presence [29:30]


“The best type of leadership is when you don’t realize who is the leader.”“True success is when you don’t give up on your inner self.”“Change is the only certainty.”

About Anantatev

Growing up in the outskirts of London, Anantadev found himself surrounded by poverty, crime, and segregation. He understood that the world around him was not quite right, but for years, he simply watched, feeling helpless. This was his adolescence, and although he may not have known it at the time, all his rough-and-tumble experiences were preparing him for a higher calling. Every time he faced something traumatic, he was also facing his inner growth, and slowly but surely, questions arose within him – deep, meaningful questions that would guide him towards his path.

Today Anantadev is a wisdom teacher, personal development coach and thought leader in the field of inner transformation. He also serves as a Bay Area CEO at the forefront of social change philanthropy.



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