Meaning is a far more satisfying pursuit than happiness, with Anantadev

Meaning is a far more satisfying pursuit than happiness

“We don’t work in a production line any more for the most part, and I don’t think in the current workplaces that we have, this nine to five, Monday to Friday, is the way that it should work. I don’t think it does work… largely, we have moved away from like production work, industrial work, to more creative work…. even tech work is very creative work. To me creativity means space. You can’t schedule creativity.” - Anantadev

Growing up in the outskirts of London, Anantadev found himself surrounded by poverty, crime, and segregation. He understood that the world around him was not quite right, but for years, he simply watched, feeling helpless. This was his adolescence, and although he may not have known it at the time, all his rough-and-tumble experiences were preparing him for a higher calling. Every time he faced something traumatic, he was also facing his inner growth, and slowly but surely, questions arose within him – deep, meaningful questions that would guide him towards his path.

Today Anantadev is a wisdom teacher, personal development coach and thought leader in the field of inner transformation. He also serves as a Bay Area CEO at the forefront of social change philanthropy.

Highlights from this episode

  • Outer achievements, lack of balance [3:20]Outdated systems [6:04]Toxic masculinity [9:15]Exploitation, property [11:20]Balancing masculine and feminine values [14:15]Inner ethics, outer ethics [18:00]Race to the bottom [21:25] Shadow, fears, growth [26:30] How we find our greater cause [30:10]


“When you look at things as property… land, assets, human beings -as they did in the past… inherently you take away the rights of the things that you are looking at.” [11:27]“We have to reassess our value system, and it’s not about getting to the top, but rather how you are striving to grow and achieve things.” [15:30]“Meaning is a far more satisfying pursuit than happiness.” [37:00]

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