The inner vista of your fearless freedom


Outside the borders of our comfort zone lies our true nature. Spontaneous, always recreating itself, always changing, always unique. And it might not be interested in gathering any followers, nor bear the burden of leadership… yet staying true to its own calling - a voice that expresses possibilities in an empowered direction. 

This is the sound of you, with its own authority. Your inner vista of fearless freedom. 

We live in a noisy world and if we accept it, we become part of the noise. As such, we repeat the chatter, the gossip, the babble …we feel empty and powerless. We become passive spectators, an echo, bystanders in a game that leads to nowhere. 

Getting out of the noise, is longing for our own specific identity - with its depth, height, wonder and meaning – longing to get out of hibernation. Learning the language of voicing ourselves. 

It’s not easy! It takes courage to have a voice and it’s a journey, not a quick fix – a leap into doing things our own way. There are two stages here:

  • OUR VOICE - our need for success and personal visibility
  • OUR SONG - our essential vocation, our deep innner call 

Finding our voice comes first. This is about unlocking qualities that help us step out into visibility and making ourselves heard, becoming self-confident at things we care about. When we become personally visible, our song comes to life. This is our vocation in action - the condition for starting our own song.

What would you be willing to change in your life to be able to feel fearless, authentic, empowered, creative…magnetic? What would it be like to trust your own insights and knowledge? 

Impostor Syndrome is no fun… nor it is playing small and pleasing your toxic boss. 

The future of work is about thinking in circles, creative… collaborative thinking will be the new norm. This will require us to be authentic and believe in our own ideas. This also requires a new kind of leader… in my words the ‘magnetic leader’.


Magnetic is the leader who contributes to society, who cares for the planet, who shows up ethically... who embodies authentic power and presence. Magnetic leaders are not afraid to show up as unique and different. They are creators, healers, warriors, lovers, artists, explorers, masters of their own craft! They are also ongoing 'work in progress', unafraid to be vulnerable and imperfect. They are working towards de-conditioning the suppression of their own unique gifts... that happened in childhood (for most of us). 

The road to our authentic self cannot be found on any map, nor is there a path that leads directly there. Its winding, twisting passage is found more often through serendipity and quirkiness… than unbending intent and willpower. 

Authenticity, like love and trust, cannot be stolen, coerced nor bought, although many are those who have tried. It can only be discovered and nurtured, by those with the courage to believe, the stamina to try and the faith to persevere when it seems all you are pursuing is an empty dream. 

If we are diligent in learning our craft, our voice—what is uniquely ours—will come out in the unfolding - our song. So, the question is, are you going to follow your dream or not?

Artwork: Katrina Koltes 


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