Use your brain intentionally, upgrade your human potential

Use your brain intentionally, upgrade your human potential


Shonte Jovan Taylor is a neuroscientist, potentialist, and brave-minded leader who wants to do things differently. She knows that we need to do something at a much deeper level to shift from the old way of thinking to new and innovative ways of reaching higher levels.

“It is only when we are operating at our highest levels that our missions become aligned.  The understanding of the brain allows us to be highly productive, focused, and creative allowing individuals and organizations to soar.” - Shonte Jovan Taylor

In this episode you will learn how to optimize your brain by integrating left brain and right brain thinking, where empathy sits in the brain, how to build a resilient brain in our changing times.

Our brain is the next frontier in human evolution. Don’t be left behind…join in and learn more from Shonte… today!

If we are diligent in learning our craft, our voice—what is uniquely ours—will come out in the unfolding! 

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